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Kia Extended Warranty

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Kia KPP Warranty

  is backed by Kia.

      We sell  Kia Extended Warranty - KPP(Kia Protection Plus) Officially by Kia

  Kia dealers, around the nation, honor Kia Protection Plus (K.P.P.). Manufacturer-Backed! Actually . . . .the KPP contract is linked to your car's VIN#. KPP is entered into Kia's internal system in such a way that merely accessing your VIN will tell a Kia technician which plan is tied to your Kia. Once your VIN# is "in" the system Kia dealers across the country can validate your KPP contract. (therefore KPP is honored nationwide)

 96% of Warranty Buyers choose the 0% Payment Plan. Kia is proud to offer 18 payments at 0% interest. You can chose to this option(or otherwise) at checkout. Read about this popular option here >> 0% Interest Plan

 All K.P.P. plans covers more years+miles than your original warranty. Due to a teired pricing structure, the earlier you buy this Kia extended warranty the lower the cost. These KPP - Kia extended warranty plans are additive coverages, meaning that the coverage that you purchase on this site, starts at time of your KPP purchase. In addition, the early-KPP purchasers have more plans(longer plans) available to them.

  A big advantage is present due to Direct Payment >>> No need for you to pay hundreds of dollars and then ...wait for reimbursement. Manufacturer-backed(Kia-backed) K.P.P. pays the dealer for the repair.

   Makes alot of sense to get a Kia-backed Extended Warranty. Kia wants you to buy a Kia again. Therefore Kia wants you to *enjoy* the "Kia ownership experience"!! How's that for motivation?

  The Kia Protection Plus Warranty becomes active after two events occur. First, your completed+signed paperwork is received by our dealership. Second, it is processed by Kia, which typically takes 2 business days after we receive the signed paperwork.

   All KPP repairs are made by Kia-trained technicians at Kia dealerships using OEM Kia Parts. Your car will get the best care !!!

   Is Kia KPP transferable?    Yes. (the charge is state-controlled but averages $50)

   Can I cancel the contract and receive a refund?     Yes. (100% refundable within 60 days, if not used, and refundable after 60 days but the amt is subject to proration table)

KPP(Kia Protection Plus) Extended Warranty is Official !!
We process KPP apps for ALL states. Looking for a Kia Warranty in Florida? You're at the right place!!
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